With more than 20 years of experience, Preferred Product Corporation has learned a few things about the industrial coating needs of our customer. With our centrally located office in the Midwest, we have excelled in our customer relations with the wet corn milling industry, food and beverage facilities, power generation facilities, chemical manufacturers, water and wastewater treatment, as well as many other Midwest-based industrial plants. Preferred Product Corporation recognizes that the industrial facility personnel manage a variety of maintenance and process issues; therefore we at PPC make your job easier by lending our expertise on proper material selection and applications for your industrial coating needs.

Who We Are

PPC was founded upon the idea of providing exceptional customer service to Industrial facilities. We consult engineering services, industrial coatings contractors and industrial facility personnel in our sales. Our expertise is in helping our customers protect their assets from the corrosion of steel and the erosion of concrete.

In 1989 Preferred Products Corporation was established with the goal of providing customers with the superior products and services that would set them apart from the competition.  That simple idea has served our clients well.  Our dedication is the foundation of PPC.


Good service starts with good people.  I am committed to having well-trained knowledgeable people who provide exceptional client support.  PPC’s Representatives are trained in the principles of corrosion through our NACE and SSPC affiliations.  In addition, the respective staffs of the companies we represent are an integral part of PPC service efforts and understand the needs of the clients we serve.


Preferred Products supplies high performance products.   They are chosen to provide the solutions to specific maintenance problems: corrosion, weathering, fire-proofing, insulation, abrasion and more.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to match the correct product to the needs of the job.

Creative Solutions

Solving problems: that’s the basis of providing exceptional services. The premise of PPC service begins with advising, answering questions, and seeking solutions.The combination of well-trained people and quality products, along with the dedication to helping our clients with their maintenance issues, results in the exceptional service PPC clients have come to expect.

It’s pretty simple: Preferred Products Corporation = People. Products. Creative Solutions.

Dwight Mulch, President

Our Work

Preferred Products Corporation (PPC) is a company that specializes in industrial polymer materials for the protection of steel corrosion and concrete erosion, PPC protects a facility’s assets and is capable of supplying materials and services that will meet your maintenance needs.

How Can We Help You?

Some of the things we can help you with include:

  • Thermal Insulative Energy Conservation of process equipment
  • Light and heavy duty industrial polymer flooring
  • Painting and coating needs
  • Tank linings
  • Secondary Containment Linings
  • Fireproofing
  • Concrete restoration
  • OSHA Personal Protection Issues – non slip and burn protection.
  • OEM coatings



  • Structural steel coatings
  • Exterior asset coatings
  • Interior tank linings
  • Secondary containment linings
  • Chemical resistant polymer floors
  • Polymer repair grouts
  • Ceramic Insulative coatings
  • Fireproofing coatings
  • Static dissipating floors
  • Concrete hi-early additives
  • Vibration damping grouts
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Fiberglass tanks
  • Fiberglass floor trenches
  • Fiberglass structural products
  • Personal protection coatings
  • Vitrified ceramic tile
  • Tile and brick grouts
  • Setting beds



The entire staff of Preferred Products, Corporation shares a commitment to providing the quality products and exemplary services necessary to meet the needs of our customers. Our sales representatives and field technicians make continuing education, training and certification an ongoing priority in order to keep abreast of industry standards.

PPC has the people you need to address your corrosion problems and long-term maintenance issues.  With our technical knowledge and understanding of the coating industry, the people at PPC are a valuable resource for you.

You can count on the people at PPC to:

  • Provide technical coating recommendations & specifications
  • Solve corrosion, erosion and reliability challenges
  • Provide a quick response time
  • Maximize your maintenance budget
  • Provide on-site field and technical service as needed

Our people make PPC one of the most competitive companies in the industry.  Our training makes us one of the most informed.  Our experience makes us one of the most reliable.  Our commitment makes us people you can depend on. Our people are the right people for your job.

Contact Us

How can we help you?  Use the email provided, fill out our form below, or call 319-754-4823 for immediate assistance.