Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels

The coating needs of the ever increasing, fast growing BioFuel industry can easily be tackled with the products and experience that PPC possesses. While the BioFuel industry is new compared to many industrial markets, most of the maintenance corrosion issues have been faced by other similar industries. The companies that PPC represents are well versed to meet your asset protection needs from a maintenance performance standard.

Here are some of the items we can assist you with:

Flooring – Flowcrete’s Flowfresh – urethane cement for harsh floor applications. This includes constant erosion of your floors due to water and chemical attack and wear due to heavy traffic items such as forklifts.

Concrete admixture – Gill # 33 concrete admixture – added to a concrete pour will cause the concrete to develop 90% of its compressive strength in 24 hours speeding the cure of the concrete resulting in a quick turnaround.

Coatings products – Carboline’s line of protective coatings such as Carboguard, Carbothane and Carbomastic are the industry’s leading corrosion resistant coatings. Carboline products will provide optimum corrosion resistance to your steel assets allowing for years of service life.

Energy conservation and personal protection products – Mascoat’s Delta T insulative coatings for both energy conservation and personal protection. With today’s rising energy costs, these materials have helped many plants save money where conventional insulation methods don’t work.

Tank Linings – ProPolymer Corporation’s fiberglass flake filled vinyl ester based tank lining system for process vessels. These lining are FDA food contact approved.

Water and Wastewater linings – Polibrid’s Polibrid 705 is an elastomeric urethane used in waste and water treatment tanks as a long term solution for corrosion control with the added benefit of quick turnaround. Polibrid 705 is ready for immersion service within hours of application instead of the days it takes other conventional tank lining materials.

Fireproofing products – Carboline’s full line of industrial spray applied industrial fireproofing materials can meet any industrial fireproofing need your facility will require. With a staff of well trained fireproofing experts, we can engineer your system to meet the UL coded hour rating that is being required by your code or insurance carrier.

Vibration damping – Escoweld vibration damping polymer grouts have proven themselves to substantially reduce the wear caused by vibration and increase the time between failures as much as 6 times that of cementious grouts. In an industrial facility an increase in time between failures results in a decrease in maintenance expense.

Secondary containment lining – We have a wide array of unreinforced and reinforced polymer lining system for acid, caustic and solvents to keep you compliant with EPA containment issues.

Call us with your problems and challenges – let the people at PPC help you.