Chemical Process Industry

Chemical Processing

The needs of the chemical process industry are as varied as the products that are made in these facilities. PPC has a wide variety of corrosion-resistant products to meet the extreme and specific demands found in the chemical production process. Carboline fireproofing materials, ProPolymer Corporation’s flooring and secondary containment linings, Plasite and Polibrid tank linings, Escoweld machine vibration damping grouts, and Mascoat’s thermal Insulative energy conservation coating are just some of the products that PPC can provide to you to help secure lower maintenance cost and increase your bottom line. If you are pouring concrete and need a 24 hour cure schedule Gill industry has a concrete admixture that will rapidly hydrate the concrete and shorten the down time.

The proper applications of these materials are critical in order to maximize the life of the material, and PPC will assist you in seeing that you receive the maximum benefit.