Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage

In today’s concerning world about food safety, the food and beverage industry has become one of the most regulated businesses. The safety, quality and sanitary requirements control nearly every aspect of food and beverage plant operations.

Preferred Products Corporation can supply you with high-performance polymer flooring from Propolymer as well as Carboline’s full line of industrial coating materials that have excellent performance against corrosion of steel and erosion of concrete. From the company’s conception, PPC has had long-standing relationships with grain milling process facilities nationwide, especially wet corn milling facilities (why is all of this bolded?). PPC has been a leader in supplying ProPolymer Corporation’s specialized materials for process tank linings, and is credited with developing and refining many innovative methods to eliminate the problems faced by production and facility engineers.

Besides tank linings, PPC has become the expert source for Escoweld vibration damping epoxy grouts used to increase reliability time of dynamic equipment. PPC is also a leading supplier of Mascoat spray-applied thermal Insulative material for the purpose of energy conservation and personal burn protection. If you are pouring concrete and need a 24 hour cure schedule, Gill industry has a concrete admixture that will rapidly hydrate the concrete while shortening the downtime.

PPC also supplies specialized flooring and corrosion resistant material that can be applied while the facility is operating allowing for no downtime.